Friday, 29 June 2012

5 Advanced SEO Tips

Include the Rel Attribute in Anchor Tags

Have you seen such an anchor tag:
This site is dedicated to flat irons? Well, the rel attribute has to be your focus, as you are aware of the rest part. This attribute allows you to control the page rank or vote you offer to other sites to which your site is linking. In short, it averts any kind of link benefit for that other site by informing the search engine that the destination of this link must not receive any credit for additional ranking.

Introduce Links in Page Content

Within a site layout, the order of link importance is in the following way:
Content, Header, Side Navigation, Comment, and Footer Links. This means that the topmost priority goes to the links in the content section, while the links in the footers are almost useless in SEO. Talking about the headers, although many sites do not prefer selling the head navigation links, yet such links play a valuable role in SEO. The remaining two sections namely, side navigation and comments hold less value due to large scale scams via link selling, exchanges, and link schemes. However, the latter one can yet be useful but it depends on how the site is designed. In short, give 80% of your SEO planning for getting the 20% of the most valuable links. To do so, have a guest blog and offer excellent content for an editorial link.

Consider Page Redirects/Site Moves

Do consider including the .htaccess file for implementing 301 Redirect, a search engine friendly method that efficiently manages page redirection. The good news is that it’s easy to implement for preserving the rankings for that page.

Don’t Be Too Negative towards Link Baiting

Because of the people abusing it, link baiting is considered as a negative aspect in SEO. In link baiting you try to attract someone who links to your site and enables his or her own sites to present your link for a visit. However, the trick here is to owe a web page that promotes such social thrill so that everyone wishes to link to it.

Associate Articles Linking to Your Sitemap

Associating or syndicating articles is among the ideal ways for getting one-way backlinks. For example, you can publish an interesting, original article on Ezine (in short, it should be a famous article directory online) and include a link to another article that is present on your site. A more advanced approach would be to link to your sitemap from within the resource box.

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