Friday, 24 August 2012

Whitehat SEO tips for bloggers

Tips on optimizing keywords

1) Post with SEO keywords does not make it look natural.
2) The words should be the same that the user is typing in Plural forms are a better choice.

3) Use common mis-spelling of the keyword is not appropriate.
4) List of possible keywords should be used. They can be as words–the utility, Hacks, health … Apart from SEO Webmaster it encourages utilities.
5) The keywords are being used more in the article. Since users do not see them, Google does not put much importance on meta descriptions.
6) The same keywords should not be used in a line, a synonym or variant can be used.

URL or SEO Tips for Bloggers
1) Blogs should not be placed at the root of the domain. It should be placed in a subdomain or sub.
2) In the URL, use a hyphen/dash to separate the keywords. Google underscore separators as good keywords.
3) The old URL of this article should be changed to be a resident or a 301 redirect.
4) URL extensions like. Php,. Asp,. CFM. Htm,. Html, etc. can all be used but is not. Exe.
5) Question mark or highlight the dynamics of a URL to be treated as static URL by Google, but the parameters must not exceed 3, the Google bot can collect information if it is not beyond three.
6) Your own domain name to be used in FeedBurner feeds.

Tips on accessibility and usability of the blog

1) Always use ALT tags for images. A full statement can be used in the Alt tag, but it should not exceed three to five words. Keywords relating not to be avoided.
2) It is better to do a podcast or a video, Matt cutt that bloggers can submit their pictures to and if the assessment is above 7, then a video can be a good idea better.
3) WordPress to be used for the blog to ensure that the site is crawling. Today, many people from accessing the site on your mobile phone, it better not to use frames or any weird stuff, they do not work well with mobile phones.
4) Enter the dates of the post must be shown.
5) The use of the Akismet spam comments will be protected to prevent your blog from being spammed. Google Analytics can locate traffic on your website. Finally, there is no substitute for content.

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