Thursday, 6 September 2012

Search Engine Marketing Top Tips

Top 10 Search Engine Marketing tips can effectively improve your online sales:

1. Understand how much cost per click is charged by search engines

Consult SEM professionals and understand how much ‘cost per click’ is charged by the search engines; which maximum bid you should opt for, that’s suitable for your budget. Else you may end up with more bills than sales.

2. Decide on the timeline and period to maximize your gains and outrun your expenses

Consult and decide with SEM experts if you should be going for day parting of the ad, i.e., whether your advertisement should showcase 24X7 or particular hours of the day only. This decision would depend on aspects like kind of product/service, target audience, cost factor of your product etc.

For e.g., for a global gift delivery company one can showcase the advertisement round the clock, but for a law firm based service, particular slots in a day would suffice.

3. Research your keywords well as they are the doorway to your website

To divert maximum traffic to your website, make sure the keywords you showcase in your ad matches with the keywords your prospective customer is typing in search engines. So seek expert advice to select the right mix of keywords which face lesser competition, but couples with great traffic diversification.

4. Make sure your website is customer friendly

Ensure that heavy images, files and videos on the home page do not delay the loading of the site. This may result in customers moving away from your website. Also ensure that your website is organized in a simple and interactive, yet polished manner, backed by the right codes and appropriate hyperlinks. This will make the customer feel more at ease when browsing through your business products/services.

5. Give due attention to your website development

The goal of your website is to create awareness, build brand image and spread customer awareness. Your website is your virtual shop, so make sure you create the right mix of marketing elements.

6. Seek professional help for better ranking website

A higher ranking website often succeeds in making a bigger impression on potential customers and grabs more sales. Your brand may be bigger and your products better, but ranking is what matters when it comes to online sales.

7. Check compatibility of your website with different browsers

Make sure your website operates without any difficulties on different browsers and their various versions. Also check its visual appeal on various screen resolution sizes.

8. Modify SEM according to the market

Modify your advertisement and keyword tool as per market needs, buying trends, seasons, holidays etc. Improvise and incorporate your website with newer ideas, fresh content, etc to rank higher in search engines.

9. Keep a check on competitors’ strategies

Analyzing the marketing techniques and trends your competitors are following. Search engine marketing experts can help you with this, and give you monthly updates on the same. This will help you decide better on updating strategies, budgets and marketing campaigns, and keep up with the competition.

10. Emphasize on your USP

To gain an extra edge over competitors you need to lure customers by offering them something extra, apart from the usual product mix other brands are offering.

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