Friday, 19 July 2013

Top 10 Tips from This Open Forum


 1) Money is not the only measure of success. Depending on your business, there are so many other ways to measure.

2. Don’t always default to email, especially when it comes to scheduling a meeting. Opt for a phone or quick desk chat instead.

3. Always deliver bad news upfront, and follow with a proposed solution. Otherwise, the bad news may come as a surprise, which only adds salt to the wound.

4. When writing a list post, dig into “the why.” It will make for a more interesting and compelling read.

5. Make sure your content provokes a strong emotion.Awe is shared more than contentment, and anger is shared more than sadness.

6. When writing your tagline, use unexpected word pairings. They need to make sense, of course, but a fresh phrase will grab the right kind of attention.

7. Look beyond domestic borders for the greatest opportunities. There could be a market for your product or service somewhere less saturated than the U.S.

8. Use your company blog to show gratitude to your customers. Make a personalized post, or run a weekly column featuring the “Customer of the Week.”

9. When you’re a leader, show your human side. Don’t be so buttoned up. Leaders don’t have to be perfect, and your team will be that much more inspired when you achieve something big.

10. Know the perils of emotional pricing, and avoid them by pricing with your head instead of your heart. Don't let your pride or the "joy of the hunt" get the best of you, as it could lead to big obstacles down the line.

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