Thursday, 29 November 2012

7 Considerations Of An SEO Website Audit In 2013

Within the living medium as dynamic and ever-changing as the ‘net — nothing needs more attention today than your website.  For example, many business owners don’t know that the search engines look at freshness and recency of data as one of the important indicators for online success. But, there are over 200 factors that count into the search algorithm for Google.

While many of these are not known, we’ve learned about some of them over time. A user-and-search friendly site with tons of quality content (value) is a good place to begin. And, if you start with the  7 core components of Google’s Ranking Algorithm, all search engines will reward you with a higher position in the natural search results. The art and science of SEO (search engine optimization) is what you must consider.

Here are 7 insights for a better search experience.

SEO is more than just creating a page or website and deploying. You must think strategically about keywords, content and links. It’s also important to address all the technical issues – from the server side issues to the HTML code and more.

Begin with these 7 elements – the order is important:
  • Keywords – do you have keywords and phrases that people search for on your pages? Did you analyze your market and perform keyword research? Are they included naturally throughout your page(s)?
  • Linking – are you creating enough quality content to attract links from others? Link quality matters more than link quantity.
  • Anchor text links – are you receiving links with “keyword phrases” in your inbound link profiles? For example, “Bankruptcy Attorney New York” is better than “Click Here”
  • Popularity – how “popular” is the page that is linking back to you? How relevant is the exterior page and link? If your theme is about topic “X”, get more relevant links from within that community
  • How do the visitors see your site? Favorably? Make sure your traffic and click-through-data matches the search query, and that you don’t have a high bounce-rate.
  • Are you including social media? Search engines use signals from activity on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and others.
  • Speed and website up-time. Make sure you are hosting with a professional grade hosting partner, and that you have fast load times of pages and all online assets (code, images, documents, etc)
Make sure you have keywords that match your pages. You can use the Free Google Keyword Tool. (Search for that in Google)
When we look at doing an SEO audit for your website – we look at all these factors + indexation issues, crawling issues and lots more. It will allow your “house” to be erected and stand on solid ground for a long time.

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