Sunday, 30 December 2012

Top 10 SEO tips ( Webmasters must read)

Tip 1: Tag Optimization:

Meta-tag optimization plays an important role on SEO. If you run an ecommerce website, use different Meta -tag, tile and Meta description for different products. Use an understandable name for your products. Describe your products as detail as you can.

Tip 2: Content Optimization:

Make your website’s content as unique as you can. Try your level best avoid the duplicate or copied content. If you run a blog, it is very important for you. Also do not use your targeted keywords too much in your website, it is an old fashion and now it’s completely useless.

Tip 3: Backlinks

Do not build a lot backlinks at a time. SEO needs patience. No more than 30 links from one IP in 24 hours. I am talking about the backlinks. Try to focus on quality, not quantity. Focus on authority websites.

Tip 4: Link quality:

Don’t leave your links only while creating backlinks. Use a decent text to read about your keywords. Try to write 100 to 150 word small paragraph while creating backlinks.

Tip 5: Blog Commenting:

Comment on blogs with relevant texts. While commenting, try to make people read your comment. So summarize your thinking and try to write using points. Do not make an extra-large posting!

Tip 6: Forum Posting:

While posting on forum do NOT spam. Post meaningful threads. Remember, forum is the place for cooperation, not for marketing. If you behave well and cooperate well, your cooperation will increase your market automatically.

Tip 7: Link type:

Use text links instead of direct links. That is making your keyword hyperlinked by your targeted URL. This will increase your link value.

Tip 8: Social networking:

Let’s talk about facebook and twitter. Some guys have 10K+ even 50K+ followers in twitter or a huge number of facebook friends. Having such a number of friends makes it impossible to continue communication. In this case, try updating your status in a periodic manner so that while doing marketing, you will get better response.

Tip 9: Email marketing:

If you want to promote your site using email, use a reliable program for sending bulk emails. Make sure your email passed on spam filter check. Also do not forget to check the email in different email clients before sending. Do not use much images in your email as some of your targeted customers may find this email slow to load. Send your email in both HTML and text form. Many email clients are set to view only text emails.

Tip 10: Local links:

For targeted traffic generation do some local link building also. For example, if your business needs South African clients, it is beneficial to have some links form (dot)co (dot)za domain as well.

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