Thursday, 24 January 2013

Online Reputation Management (ORM) – Reverse SEO Services

Do you want to know what prospect, customers, and critics are saying about your company? Maintaining your reputation online has become a huge concern in the days where the internet lets anyone anywhere in the world discuss and review goods. It is critical to be aware of what is being said about your company and products.

“Image is everything!”… and for better or worse – first impressions count; therefore, you can’t afford to have negative feedback.

That’s why the main goals of our Reputation Management program are:
  • Push negative press down to 3rd page and beyond on Google and the other search engines and review sites to clean up
  • Rebuild your online reputation
  • Be proactive with a plan to prevent any future negativity
180Fusion has extensive experience in restoring reputations online using Reverse Search Engine Optimization, among other tactics, to provide positive Online Reputation Management Services (ORM Services). When an individual or company name is being searched in Google and the unwanted page or website appears, we can push this page back in the search results where it will rarely, if ever be found. Each circumstance is unique and therefore a custom ORM campaign will require a custom quote.


  • A stronger brand with more positive content about your business
  • Positive feedback and reviews at the top of the search engines
  • Push back negative content so prospects can’t easily find it

Example Tools Used:
  • Creating Positive Pages to rank above the unwanted indexed pages
  • Press Releases/Articles
  • Blogging
  • Social Networking
  • Requesting the removal of pages from webmasters
Where to Monitor your Online Reputation:
  • Google Alerts –
  • Yahoo Alerts –
  • RSS feed subscriptions to Search Engine Results such as Technorati, Feedster, Yahoo & Google News, BlogPulse.
  • Social Media Tags such as:,

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