Monday, 9 July 2012

How To Attract Customers Online By Being Hyper?

Are You Hyper?

Are you hyper? Hyper local that is. If you are using what is known as hyper local content, then you have seen the benefits and probably already know what I’m referring to. If you haven’t, then read on for more info and tips about how to attract customers and clients to your business, by creating hyper local content.

What is Hyper Local Content?

So, what is hyper local content? Hyper local content is the use of keywords and key phrases that include a city and/or neighborhood name. Hyper local content can be used on a blog, website, social media sites, in a real estate or business listing, etc… and is important, because consumers often try to narrow down their search results, when searching for a product, service or business online.

How Does Hyper Local Content Help You Get Business?

Business owners often ask, “how does hyper local content help me get more business? Isn’t any type of content good enough to bring in business?”. The answer is “yes”, and “no”. We all know that when a consumer is searching, as you and I often do, they type in keywords or key phrases to find what they’re looking for. However, statistics show that the more specific the search, the closer to a buying decision they are. Another reason that hyper local content is superior is because it helps you target consumers that are in your area, who can become paying customers. Lets face it, it’s a terrible waste of time for a local business owner to create content that may only be seen by people in other states and countries.

An Example of Hyper Local Content

Let’s say, for example, that a consumer is searching for homes. They will typically start by looking in a particular county or several cities of interest (ie: Orange County, CA real estate or Yorba Linda, CA homes for sale or Anaheim Hills, CA homes for sale). The buyer will then begin to narrow it down to a specific city that they have come to like, based on their initial search results. Then, as they search for real estate within that city, they will most certainly determine that they prefer certain neighborhoods or areas of the city more than others (ie: Yorba Linda homes for sale in Hidden Hills or Homes for sale in Eastlake Village Yorba Linda). When a buyer has decided on a specific neighborhood or part of town, they are ready to make a purchase any day. If you are the real estate agent that has written content with those hyper local string of words, you will be found ahead of others that are not using this strategy and you will establish yourself as the “expert” for that area.

Any Business Can Benefit From, And Use, Hyper Local Content

So what if you’re not a real estate salesperson? Will hyper local content still work for you and how can you use it to write content for your specific type of business? Yes, any business can use hyper local content to drive sales and attract customers or clients online, even non traditional businesses, such as network marketing. How you use it will be determined by considering who your target audience is, what they might be likely to type into a search engine, and how you can capture their attention with something that relates to your specific industry or business.

More Blog And Content Ideas

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