Monday, 9 July 2012

Secrets of SEO Copywriting

Learn how to:

• Attract more clients by ensuring your website is listed high in the search engines
• Make more money by offering SEO copywriting services to your clients

Fellow Copywriter:

There are two big benefits to learning the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) copywriting.

Benefit #1:
You can optimize your own website so that it appears high in search engine results. That way, more potential clients will find you… and hire you!

Benefit #2:
You can offer SEO copywriting as a service to clients… and get paid handsomely for it.

In this instructional audio class and transcript you’ll learn everything you need to get started in this exciting and lucrative niche. (It may be the most profitable hour you’ve ever spent!)

Get More Clients Finding YOU on Google

These days, clients are more likely to use a search engine like Google or Yahoo! to find a copywriter.

And if your website doesn’t appear in the first two or three pages of those search results, you’re out of luck.

That’s what makes this audio class so valuable. It teaches you how to plan and structure the text on your website so that potential clients see YOUR name in search engine results.

Add Another Lucrative Income Stream

SEO copywriters are in high demand.There are hundreds of thousands of companies that need to get ranked high in search engine results. Their sales depend on it! So you can do very, very well by adding “SEO copywriting” to your list of services.

In fact, after listening to this audio class recording, and reviewing the transcript, you might even decide to become one of the many copywriters who specialize exclusively in SEO and earn a high income doing so.

Steve and Dianna Show You How

In my experience, no one can explain SEO copywriting as clearly and accurately as Dianna Huff. As the author of Turning Clicks Into Customers with Search Engine Optimization she is the recognized expert in this field.

Dianna has written copy and advised on SEO strategy for dozens of leading companies including Microsoft, Cabot, Dolan-Jenners, Sequent Technologies, Inca Gold and Constant Contact.

You might also recognize her names from her insightful articles on MarketingSherpa.

During this audio class, Dianna answers all my questions and those of the original live class participants. Here's just a preview of what you'll learn:

• The basics of SEO copywriting.

• How to figure out EXACTLY which keywords to use.

• How to attract and impress search engine spiders. (How these invisible visitors "see" a site has a significant impact on how high it's ranked.)•A baker's dozen (13) insider tips on how to quickly get placed high in search engine rankings.

• 3 SEO techniques that are often taught but that you should NEVER use. (If you do, you may get blacklisted by the search engines.)

• Why "title tags" and "meta tags" are so important, and how to write these effectively.

• How to read and use web analytics reports to make improvements.

• The importance of inbound links and 5 strategies for generating them.

• How to make money offering SEO copywriting services.

• How to market your SEO services, find clients and get the work.

• Who hires SEO copywriters? You'll learn the top 10 markets.

• How much should you charge for your SEO copywriting services? (You'll smile when you hear this answer.)

• What's involved in a typical SEO copywriting assignment?

• And much more.

Break Into SEO Copywriting Today.

Whether you want to optimize your own website to attract more clients, or offer SEO services to boost your per-project income -- this audio class will show you how to get started.

Now let's review what you get:

1.The complete one-hour audio class featuring award-winning copywriter Steve Slaunwhite (that's me) and special guest SEO expert Dianna Huff.

2.The word-for-word transcript of that teleclass, which you can use as a handy SEO reference guide.

3.A list of valuable resources that will help you further tap the lucrative SEO copywriting market.

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